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Choose From Our Famous Seafood Pots

Sea Fest

Includes: Dungeness Clusters (1.25 lb), Hardshell Lobster (1.25 lb), Snow Crab Clusters (1.25 lb), King Crab Legs (1 lb), 2 Ciabatta Rolls, 4 Com & 4 Potatoes, 1 Link of Andouille Sausage; Select 2: Clam (1 dz), Shrimp (1 lb), Mussel (1 lb), Crawfish (1 lb)
$  190.00

Sea Lover

Includes: 1 Dungeness Cluster, 1 Snow Crab Cluster, 1 Garlic Noodles, 2 Corn & 2 Potatoes; Select an Appetizer: Wings, Calamari or Shrimp Taco; Select 2: Clam (1 dz), Shrimp (1 lb), Mussel (1 lb), Crawfish (1 lb)
$  90.00

Dungeness Festival

Like our Sea-Fest except all Dungeness crab clusters. 8 FULL clusters of Dungeness Crab, with your choice of 2 add ons Select 2/4: Clam (1 dz), Shrimp (1 lb), Mussel (1 lb), Crawfish (1 lb) Also includes 2 Ciabatta rolls, 4 corns & 4 potatoes, 1 link of Andouille sausage
$  175.00

Snow Crab Festival

8 FULL Clusters of DELICIOUS SNOW CRAB LEGS! W/ your choice of 2 add ons Select 2/4: Clam (1 dz), Shrimp (1 lb), Mussel (1 lb), Crawfish (1 lb) Also includes 2 Ciabatta rolls, 4 corns & 4 potatoes, 1 link of Andouille sausage
$  180.00

Snow N Shrimp

Includes; TWO full clusters of Snow Crab legs 1 lb of Shrimp, 1 corn, 1 potato tossed in sauce of your choosing
$  56.00

Dungenes N Shrimp Combo

TWO full clusters of Dungeness crab, 1 lb pound of Shrimp, 1 corn 1 red potato tossed in sauce of your choosing
$  54.00

Dungenes N Mussels Combo

Two full clusters of Dungeness Crab clusters. With one full pound of (PEI) Mussels. Comes with 1 corn and 1 potato
$  45.00

Dungenes N Clams Combo

TWO full clusters of Dungeness Crab clusters. With a dozen Clams. Comes with 1 corn and 1 potato
$  48.00

Build Your Own Seafood Pot

Step 1 - Create Your Bucket
Minimum 1lb per item

Hardshell Lobster

One full Hardshell Lobster weighing out to 1.25lbs
$  38.00

King Crab Legs

Two large legs (Not Clusters) of Russian King Crab weighing out to a Pound.
$  61.00

Snow Crab Clusters

Two large clusters of Snow Crab legs, weighing out to 1.25lbs
$  35.00

Dungeness Crab Clusters

Two large clusters of Dungeness Crab legs weighing out to 1.25lbs
$  33.00

LARGE Snow Crab Cluster

**Limited Time Only** Different than our regular clusters, these snow crabs weigh close to a pound for each Cluster. Comes with a side of Corn & Potato
$  22 Per Cluster

Shrimp (Head Off)

Easy Peel White Shrimp
$  19.00

Clams (Middleneck)

A Dozen steamed Middle-Neck Clams
$  14.00


Black mussels from Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada
$  11.00

Fresh Crawfish

FRESH shipments daily from the BAYOUS of Louisiana!
$  14.00

Frozen Crawfish

$  14.00

Raw Oysters

James River Oysters from Maryland
$  12/24 Half Dozen/ Dozen

Raw Clams

Middle Neck Clams
$  8/14 Half Dozen/ Dozen

Step 2 - Pick Your Flavor

Boiling House

Blend of Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper and Cajun (Most Popular)

Garlic Butter

Melted Butter and finely chopped fresh garlic

Lemon Pepper

Light and fresh with a hint of pepper


Moderately spicy with bold flavors

Old Bay

The flavors of the bayou' Not spicy but full of flavor

Step 3 - Spice Level




Extra Hot

Step 4 - Add Ons

Garlic Noodles

$  7.00


$  0.75


$  0.75

Andouille Sausages

$  4.50

Plain Rice

$  2.00

Ciabatta Roll

$  2.00

Hard Boiled Egg

$  1.75

Steamed Broccoli

$  5.50


Wings 8 Pieces

Naked, Buffalo, Garlic Butter, Sweet Chili, Honey Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, Old Bay
$  14.00

Fried Calamari

$  11.00

Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos (2 Tacos)

$  12.00

Fried Shrimp (7 Pieces with Fries)

$  13.00

Chicken Tenders with Fries

$  10.00

Shrimp Cocktail

7 Jumbo shrimps, in a martini glass full of our homemade cocktail sauce
$  11.00


House Special Salad

Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onions with House Dressing
$  7.00

Caesar salad

Freshly cut Romaine with croutons and Homemade Caesar Dressing
$  9.75

Noodle & Rice Dishes

Seafood Fried Rice

A fan favorite!!! A mix of Lobster, Shrimp, King, Dungeness, and Snow crab meat (freshly cut) mixed with veggies, eggs and surrounded by mussels!
$  24.00

Stir Fried Snow Crab

Sauteed with Ginger and Scallion Served over Garlic Noodles
$  36.00

Stir Fried Lobster

One full Maine Lobster sautéed with our ginger scallion sauce, served over a bed of garlic noodles
$  40.00

Stir Fried Shrimp (Spicy)

Stir Fried with Egg Scallion, Tomatoes, Chili over Garlic Noodles
$  16.00

Shrimp Fried Rice

Vegetable fried rice with eggs, topped with grill shrimp and served with our garlic butter sauce.
$  16.00

Pan Seared Salmon

Served with a side of broccoli and white rice!
$  26.00


Garlic Noodles

Fresh order of noodles with butter and garlic and our delicious noodle sauce. Compliments the seafood buckets very well
$  7.00

Regular Fries

$  5.00

Cajun Fries

$  5.50

Sweet Potato Fries

$  6.00

Old Bay Fries

$  6.00


Lava Cake

A small sharable lava cake, topped with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream, chocolate drizzled and topped with powdered sugar.
$  5.50

S'mores Lava Cake - SEASONAL

Cake filled With marshmellow fluff center. Topped with Vanilla ice cream, chocolate drizzle and powdered sugar!
$  7.00


Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

Our world famous lemonade made daily
$  3.00

Flavored Lemonade

Strawberry, Peach, Mango, Blue Raspberry
$  3.50

Fountain Soda

$  2.00

Local Wine by Iron Plow Vineyards

Tickle Me Pink

Our semi-sweet rosé. Made with luscious Pink Catawba grape
$  25.00

Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a full bodied dry red wine soft tannins, berry undertones and a smooth finish Barrel-aged for 24 months.
$  35.00

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